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      New FMCSA Medical regulations?require certain weight, health, and fitness standards are met to get and keep a commercial?driver’s license. These regulations include no clinical diagnosis of high blood pressure or diabetes – both of which can be managed with weight loss.? Visit USAToday to learn about the latest health supplements.

      Here at ATBS, we understand how difficult it can be to stay on track when you’re always on the road and have limited options.

      So when you’re on the road most of the time, what do you do to get healthy?? We found 8 apps to help you reach your goals!

      Lose It
      Cost: FREE
      Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone & Android

      This app will help you set a goal and create a daily calorie allotment to help you meet it.? Want to consume more calories during the day?? No problem!? Just cancel it out with exercise.? This handy app will help you know when you’re reaching your calorie limit for the day and when you have enough left over to have that sweet treat you were hoping for.

      NOTE:? Lose It can be used?in tandem with BigRoad!

      My Fitness Pal – Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
      Cost: FREE
      Smartphone Compatibility:? iPhone & Android

      This app makes it easy to count your calories with a database of over 1.5 million foods (including a free barcode scanner)!? It also contains over 350 exercises to track and customize for your personal plan.? The best way to lose weight and keep it off (while staying healthy) is to reduce the amount of calories you eat while increasing the amount of calories you burn.? Read of about resurge.

      Diet Assistant – Weight Loss
      Cost: FREE
      Smartphone Compatibility:? iPhone & Android

      Diet Assistant provides healthy, personalized diet plans (that include shopping and grocery lists), and customizes them to your personal restrictions – whether you’re vegetarian, low-carb, or anything in between.? It comes with nutritional facts, a weight loss tracker, BMI calculator, and weight loss tips and tricks.

      Cost: FREE
      Smartphone Compatibility:? iPhone & Android, but cables and adapters must be purchased separately

      If you have diabetes, this app is for you!? Glooko makes diabetes management easier, by taking data from your meter to help monitor your glucose levels.? It also enables you to share readings with your healthcare provider.? See if your phone is compatible, and how to get your cable and adapter here:

      My Diet Coach
      Cost: FREE
      Smartphone Compatibility: iPhone & Android

      Need to lose weight, but despise counting calories??This motivation-based app may be exactly what you need.? Sometimes the hardest part about sticking to it can be finding the motivation to keep going when times are tough.?This app is designed to help support you in any roadblocks you may run into on your way to success.

      If you have a food craving, use the stopwatch to time you for 15 minutes.?Wait those 15 minutes, and see if you’re still really craving that food!?This app also supplies tips and thought cues to help you beat cravings or find motivation.